Let’s Players to watch while ignoring Jontron and PewDiePie


ManlyBadassHero - Plays mostly horror games and rpgmaker games, funny, but fairly quiet, so you can pay attention to the games hes playing

Nonbinary Robot - Trigger friendly lesser-known lets player who likes off fangames and indie pixel games.

Markiplier - Oh good ol markiplier. A horror gamer who uses a webcam. Plays his reactions up quite a bit, but still manages to be funny.

ZoeyProasheck - Cheerful queer lets player who makes fairly happy videos by herself, with friends, and even sometimes with her girlfriend!

Nilesyrocks - I havent seen his videos in awhile, but he makes minecraft and tf2 videos mostly from what i can see. Likes cats.

Cr1TikaL - A man with a heart made of pure gold coated by a crude sense of humor.

TheRadBrad - Pretty cool guy. Mostly plays action games while occasionally spreading into the horror genre. Very friendly and chill.

UberHaxorNova - Suggested by a friend

Achievement Hunter - A Roosterteeth side channel. Quite funny, and consists of several people.

YogscastKim - One of the female members of the popular group The Yogscast. (nilesy and zoey are also a part of this) Funny with a very pretty voice.

SlyFoxHound - Havent watched his videos in about a million years, but i remember them being quite funny.

HatFilms - Associated with the yogscast. I havent seen much of them but they’re quite popular.

Helloween4545 - A Let’s Player that almost exclusively plays horror titles. Very funny sense of humor, and offers excellent critique of the games he plays. A very open conversationalist.

StephenPlays - Plays a lot of well-known, popular titles. (Especially Nintendo titles) Tends to keep his commentary PG rated, and provides a warning before each video of M rated games. Is often accompanied by his wife, Mal.

NerdCubed - Adorable chatterbox from the UK. Plays a variety of games, including simulators. Does steam game reviews, fan-asked challenges, the occasional full playthrough, and collaborations with his father (DadCubed) and InTheLittlewood (aka YogscastMartyn) in multiplayer settings.

LordMinion777 - Variety of titles, including horror and GMOD. Half his videos are multiplayer with friends, and certain series include his girlfriend, Molly.

Feel free to add more!


December Pokedex Challenge Day 14: Favorite Poison Pokemon


by 獲無胃

Notice the Hoothoot eyes glowing in the background, those aren’t creepy at all


Shiny Gastly color palette

Pokkén Tournament Coming 2015! x


idk i love them


FLY. (by kaneko amury)


Requests from last night~!

I’m really happy I got to play around with my watercolors again! ;u; <3